‘Ndeka’, a sizzling banger by Junior Gentle featuring Rapa Camio and Sun G, is not the usual Ugandan Afro-pop music you are used to; this one is a whole new  revolution in this genre.

Right from the pulsating groovy beats to the tantalizing lyrics and captivating flow, ‘Ndeka’ is the kind of jam you would want to vibe to whether at home or in a nightclub partying the night away.

A song that gives everyone who listens to it every reason to get giggy, ‘Ndeka’ definitely makes fans come to grips with the fact that Junior Gentle is a formidable force to reckon with on the Ugandan music scene.

With an audio and a lyric video already available for streaming on YouTube, ‘Ndeka’ is keeping several of Junior Gentle’s fans across the country occupied, since many of them just can’t get enough of this tune.

Having produced a very powerful jam like ‘Ndeka’, there is no doubt about whether or not Junior Gentle has cemented his position in the Ugandan music industry, because that seems rather obvious.

Let’s all tap the  link above to go stream ‘Ndeka’ on YouTube  now!

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