Gengetone icon Fathermoh is still rattling the East African music scene with his runaway hit titled ‘Kaskie Vibaya’, which features Sylvia Ssaru.

Trending on YouTube four months since its release, ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ currently claims the 11th position among the top 100 Kenyan hits.

But that aside, the  ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ video is on its way to clinching 8M YouTube views and is currently standing at over 7.5M views.

Chances are high that the video will hit 8M views in a few days to come, because according to YouTube analytics, ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ posts over 101K views every day.

But besides doing wonders on YouTube, ‘Kaskie Vibaya’, which is blazing in almost all night clubs all over Kenya, also features on 36 playlists, which further highlights how big this jam is, yet this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Actually, important to note is that ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ is now a global hit and as fans continue to enjoy the infectious beats and thought-provoking lyrics of the song, the world eagerly anticipates what Fathermoh has in store for us next, because he has proved to be a kingpin in this game.

 Click the link to go watch ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ on YouTube, because it is the kind of song you can play over and over again.

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