Kenneth Mugabi, a multi-talented artist who a few days ago dropped a soothing ballad dubbed ‘Take Me Back’, is  out to prove to the world that he is a rare gem in the Ugandan music industry.

‘Take Me Back’, which is available on YouTube as a lyric video, has already caught the attention of a huge number of people, who have taken to religiously streaming the song.

With ‘Take Me Back’ Mugabi brings a very special package for his audience that leaves everyone who listens to it appreciating the gift of love.

Mugabi uses ‘Take Me Back’ to capture the attention of everyone in a relationship, reminding them that the love they are enjoying now can develop cracks at any time, but the question that remains is whether their lovers can take them back or not.

A very soul-touching ballad, ‘Take Me Back’ highlights the fact that there is always an opportunity for a second chance in a relationship, but that that always depends on how the lovers handle their love woes.

Click the link above to stream ‘Take Me  Back’ on YouTube but remember that Mugabi is soon dropping the video for this sensational track.

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