Three top Gengetone club bangers which include; ‘Kuna Kuna’, ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ and ‘Miondoko’ are currently trending on Boomplay among the Top 100 Songs in Kenya.

All products of Black Market Records, ‘Kuna Kuna’ is by Vic West ft. Fathermoh, Savara, Thee Exit Band and Brandy Maina, ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ is by Fathermoh ft. Ssaru,  while ‘Miondoko’ is by Thee Exit Band ft. Mbuzi Gang.

According to the latest Boomplay rankings, ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ comes in at No#08, ‘Kuna Kuna’ is at No#12, whereas ‘Miondoko’ is at No#48.

Based on the rankings, it is evident that these are some of the songs that are currently posting millions of streams on Boomplay.

Important to note is that this is a huge milestone not only for Black Market Records as a label but also the artists who did these songs, because it means they have since taken their music game onto the international scene.

Meanwhile, besides trending on Boomplay, the above songs are also performing well on YouTube with millions of views, whereby ‘Kuna Kuna’ is at over 19M, ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ is at 6.9M while ‘Miondoko’ has since surpassed 4.6M views.   You can only feel the heat raised by these songs if you click the links to stream any of them on YouTube.

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