Swat Matire’s runaway hit ‘Bad Girl’, which features Fathermoh and Shekina Karen,  has been ranked by Kenyan top TV station KUTV among  Top 5 Songs in Africa.

The KUTV rankings on their weekly music countdown dubbed Mbichi Za Wiki (Songs of the Week) indicate that ‘Bad Girl’ comes in at No#03 on the list.

This however doesn’t come as a surprise to many Gengetone enthusiasts, because ‘Bad Girl’ is one of the jams dominating the Kenyan entertainment scene currently.

Besides ranking high on KUTV’s Mbichi Za Wiki however, ‘Bad Girl’ is also trending on YouTube among the Top 100 Kenyan songs and is currently at No#07, after swiftly rising through the number during the first few days of its release.

With over 286K YouTube views and still counting, ‘Bad Girl’ continues to dominate the Gengetone scene and based on the statistics gathered so far, all indications are that the song is soon topping music charts everywhere.

Actually, music analysts around East Africa contend that ‘Bad Girl’ is increasingly becoming popular especially because Swat Matire decided to delve into a matter that affects almost everyone in life; a relationship that crumbles because of a woman being unfaithful to her man by cheating on him with his friend!

No man can ever forgive such a woman anywhere in the world, no matter how much he loves her; hence the song being easily relatable to real life situations.Don’t miss out on this thrilling scandal; just tap the link to stream the video on YouTube, to get the whole story firsthand!

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