Promising Ugandan artists Albino and Disan Talanta, who are products of the Kwata Mic music talent search project, have released a new, sizzling collabo dubbed ‘Alali’.

Already available on digital platforms and YouTube, ‘Alali’ is a dancehall tune that is bound to take many Ugandans by surprise, especially because of its raw authenticity, tantalizing lyrics and pulsating rhythm.

Folks, if you recall, we recently revealed that Black Market Records had launched a new talent search project known as Kwata Mic, which is aimed at scouting and promoting young, talented Ugandan musicians.

Well, we can now ably reveal that the Kwata Mic project, which attracted hundreds of talented Ugandan musicians, is already bearing fruits; at least Albino and Disan Talanta can attest to this.

Albino and Disan Talanta have already proved to possess great musical potential after outcompeting others in the Kwata Mic talent search competitions and with their new tune ‘Alali’, we all have to agree that we  now clearly see their bright future in Uganda’s music industry.

If you really have a knack for pulsating Ugandan music, then we invite you to tap the link above, so that you can stream ‘Alali’ on YouTube,  because it will get you groovy before you even realise it!  

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