Talented Ghanaian artist Kwesi Mafia has kicked off the media run for his latest sizzling single titled ‘Money Love’, and this week, he officially unveiled the song on Class FM, a popular radio station in the capital Accra.

Kwesi Mafia debuted ‘Money Love’, which is spreading like wildfire across Ghana, during an exclusive interview on Class FM, where he thrilled listeners with this new incredible tune.

Meanwhile, besides premiering ‘Money Love’, Kwesi Mafia also took listeners through his music journey, sharing the ups and downs he has met ever since he kicked off his career, on top of sampling them with some of his other songs, among them ‘Pain In My Heart’, ‘Ghetto & Stylish’, ‘Amen’, to mention but a few.

Kwesi Mafia is currently in the limelight after he surprised his fans with ‘Money Love’, a song that appeals to people of all ages and classes, because money is a universal language that everyone speaks and understands perfectly.

 In this song, Kwesi Mafia is all about hustling and making big money to make his life better, a dream he shares with almost everyone on earth, because that is what we all want, right?‘Money Love’ is a track with a global outreach and because of this it is already spreading across Africa, reason why you ought  to tap the link above to stream it on YouTube!

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