Dancehall artist Legion East is currently at the forefront of rallying up all his fans everywhere to go partying, thanks to his freshest tune dubbed ‘Party’, which features Rako Gynius.

In recent years, the Ugandan music scene has experienced a resurgence, with many underground artists gaining recognition and success, among them being Legion East, who is soon joining the long list of mainstream musicians.

This is because with ‘Party’ and several of his other tracks, Legion East proves to the world that he is now at the forefront of this movement on New Generation artists, and is inspiring others with his unique sounds and relatable lyrics.

Despite the many challenges he faces as an artist who is trying to find his footing on the Ugandan music scene, Legion East remains committed to his craft by producing music that speaks about his experiences and resonates with his fan base.

This unwavering commitment, which is reflected in many of his songs, has made Legion East become one of the most exciting artists on the country’s entertainment scene today.

He is actually a living example that real genuine fan love can take an artist far without the need for mainstream push, reason why you show your support too by tapping the link above to stream  ‘Party’ on YouTube.

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