If you have never experienced magic in music then you haven’t checked out ‘Loyal’, a revitalizing ballad by singing duo Nande Boyz, which is being streamed by thousands of fans on YouTube.

A song that literary charms everyone who listens to it into replaying it over and over again, ‘Loyal’ is a manifestation of Nande Boyz’s ability to conjure up magical moments through their music.

 The chemistry which Nande Boyz exude while performing this tune is so strong that it can’t leave any woman seated the moment they start singing it, because of the way they make it seem so real!  

‘Loyal’, which is a universal song, also proves that Nande Boyz are ready to take Ugandan music to the rest of the world, especially if they keep releasing songs that have a global appeal.  

A soothing love ballad, ‘Loyal’ continues where Nande Boyz left off a few months ago when they captured the attention of fans with their other sizzling single dubbed  ‘Filter’, which also became a sweet sensation for their audience.

Spare a moment to click the link above so that you can stream ‘Loyal’ on YouTube, to experience the magical passion and romance that Nande Boyz share in this melody!

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