It is a new dawn for Uganda based Congolese singing duo Nande Boyz, who have unleashed a new sizzling single dubbed ‘Loyal’.

A song that stirs sweet sensations in everyone who listens to it, ‘Loyal’ can now be streamed by fans on Spotify and all other digital platforms.

An epic masterpiece by the Nande Boyz, ‘Loyal’ is a song about beauty, love, passion and romance.

It is a man’s declaration of everlasting loyalty and faithfulness to his woman, which is so rare to come by, especially these days.

The Nande Boyz are fast becoming an enthralling musical duo in East Africa and once again captivate their audience with this new release, which is bound to appeal to thousands of their fans everywhere.

Having cultivated the ability to fuse Afro-pop beats with contemporary Congolese sounds,  Nande Boyz continue to send shockwaves throughout the music industry and with ‘Loyal’, they definitely deliver another classic for their fans!

Through this song they not only showcase their incredible talent and overwhelming creativity but also the unmatched chemistry they are capable of stirring among the audience.

Dude, do you know what it means to be ‘Loyal’ to your woman, if you don’t, then click the link to stream this passionate jam on Spotify, although you can also enjoy it on any other digital platform.

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