It is true that most relationships don’t last long enough to celebrate their first anniversary and according to dynamic Congolese music duo the Nande Boyz, this scenario is in most cases caused by disloyalty on the part of one or both partners.

It is because of this that Nande Boyz, through their latest hit dubbed ‘Loyal’, are calling upon all people in relationships to ensure that they practice the highest level of loyalty for each other.

To emphasize the importance of ‘Loyalty’, Nande Boyz contend that it is the only glue that holds every relationship intact, because the moment lovers lose loyalty for each other, the relationship inevitably breaks up.

‘Loyal’ is a track that carries a meaningful message for people who are dating, plus those who are married, because only a person whose relationship has ever crumbled as a result of disloyalty can testify about the importance of loyalty.

Indeed, no one should be surprised by the thousands of fans who have since embraced ‘Loyal’, whereby the audio has since clinched over 18K YouTube views and still counting.

There is no excuse for you not to stream ‘Loyal’ on YouTube if you agree with the Nande Boyz; just tap the link above!

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