Ace American rapper Maika Million has released a new video dubbed ‘Mike Tyson’, which is nothing else but a package of thunder and brimstone!

With inspiration from the legendary former American world heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson, Maika Million tells a story of his hustles, plus the ups and downs of his life in this video.

‘Mike Tyson’, now available on YouTube, is a track off Maika Million’s latest album dubbed ‘Art Of War’, which debuted on all digital platforms a few days ago.

In this hot joint, Maika Million raps about how he does his thing faster than lightning, watching his haters the way Mike Tyson watched his opponents in the ring, and makes it clear that he and his hommies don’t fight but just shoot!

With this jam Maika Millions drops not only a volatile banger but also something for doubters and haters to ponder on, making everyone know that he is here to  conquer the Hip-Hop scene.

Born Jymaika Hutson, Maika Million is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rainier Ave Musik Records, born and raised in Seattle, Washington, South End Area,  who recently signed a deal with Black Market Records.

Doing a West Coast based sound similar to his influencer The Jacka, Maika Million started making music at 14 years old, having been inspired by Jacka Of Mob Figaz, a Bay Area legend that has since passed on.

To have a feel of what Maika Million is made of, just click the link to stream the ‘Mike Tyson’ video on YouTube.

Story By Isaac Tugume & Dj Dan Starboy

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