Rico Gang’s popular jam dubbed ‘Miondoko’, which features Mbuzi Gang, is still going strong, several months after its release.

The latest update is that ‘Miondoko’, which became a pulsating banger shortly after its release, is now headed for 5M YouTube views.

Currently at over 4.8M views,  ‘Miondoko’ is a studio project that is making Rico Gang to beat a number of odds in the Kenyan music industry and stands out as their biggest collabo ever.

A reverberating tune on the Gengetone scene, ‘Miondoko’ took several Kenyans by storm after the song went viral on Tik Tok prior to its official release, which made the jam so popular.

By the time Rico Gang released the video several weeks later, almost everyone was already grooving to ‘Miondoko’.

From school kids to adults in communities, to government officials and men in uniform, to slay queens and kings, almost everyone caught the ‘Miondoko’ vibe, because it spread throughout Kenya like a wildfire.

Since then the song has been growing in numbers as more and more people stream the video on YouTube.

Let’s take the video to 5M views together by clicking the link above to stream ‘Miondoko’ on YouTube.

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