Cuban artists Mucho Birbo and Charanga Habanera have captured the hearts of thousands of Reggaeton fans with their vibrant jam ‘Estoy Pa Party’, which features Lavin Pro.

‘Estoy Pa Party’ is one of the jams that are defining the Cuban entertainment landscape nowadays, after the jam becoming a favourite for many Cubans.

Thanks to Mucho Birbo’s charming performance, Charanga Habanera’s vibrancy and Lavin Pro’s infectious energy, no one remains the same after listening to ‘Estoy Pa Party’.

No wonder the video has already attracted over 26K YouTube views, because everyone who experiences this jam ends up craving more of it.

Being a song specifically meant for merrymaking, ‘Estoy Pa Party’ is a jam that has since been largely embraced by the youth, especially because it gives them all reasons to go partying.

With a very catchy and upbeat sound, ‘Estoy Pa Party’ has now become one of the most popular party anthems in Cuba and   it is bound to rock Cubans for a long time to come.

Click the link to stream the video on YouTube now!

Story By Isaac Tugume & Dj Dan Starboy

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