The only solution to having a stable relationship anywhere in the world is expressing the highest level of loyalty to your lover and singing duo Nande Boyz make this clear in their new release dubbed ‘Loyal’.

Through this track, Nande Boyz intend to let the world know that it always pays when a man is loyal to his woman, because only then can they both have a lasting, fruitful relationship.

Although  several couples in  Uganda and around the world have time and again collapsed because of the man not being loyal to his woman, there are others that act as living examples, after they discovered  that loyalty is the key to everlasting love and mutual respect.

It is for that reason that Nande Boyz set out to inspire all men around the world to aspire for stable relationships through their single dubbed ‘Loyal’, which is available on YouTube and digital platforms.

The message in this song is crystal clear; you either decide to be loyal to your woman and enjoy the benefits that come with, or choose disloyalty and the regrets that follow!

No parent wouldn’t want their son to follow this kind of advice, reason why ‘Loyal’ by Nande Boyz comes around as a blessing in disguise for everyone!

Go stream the audio on YouTube by tapping the link above.

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