Every woman, anywhere in the world, yearns for a man who will forever be loyal to her; that’s why ‘Loyal’, a new jam by Nande Boyz, is increasingly becoming popular in Uganda.

‘Loyal’ is a song that holds a deeply personal significance for women all over the world, reason why it resonates well with every lady who embraces it.

Although they have been making significant waves on the Ugandan music scene ever since their emergence last year, their latest drop ‘Loyal’ is fast-making the Nande Boyz a household name across the country.

Having mastered the skill of crafting exceptional music, it is now evidently clear that despite the fact that they are originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nande Boyz have already imprinted their brand in the Ugandan music industry.

They bring onto the music scene a unique style and unwavering dedication to their musical craft, which undoubtedly positions them for even greater success in the future.

It is now obvious that if Nande Boyz continue releasing music that highly appeals to their fan base like they did with ‘Loyal’, then their star will definitely continue shining brightly and by doing so, they will leave an indelible mark on the Ugandan music landscape.

Go stream ‘Loyal’ on YouTube  by clicking the link above.

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