You all remember the Nande Boyz, a Congolese singing duo based in Uganda that rocked the country with their blistering jam dubbed ‘Filter’.

Well, great news is that they are back with another sizzling jam titled ‘Loyal’, which is dropping on digital platforms any day from now.

‘Loyal’ is an emotion-stimulating song that will   leave all the lovers in the house giving Nande Boyz a huge applause, because it is music that speaks to the soul.

The song is about a man who declares everlasting love for his woman because of her extraordinary beauty, vowing to be loyal to her till the end of time!

We all know that the dream of every woman is to find a loving, caring and loyal man, because such men are very rare, so every woman who finds such a man doesn’t want to lose him.

This is the exact picture that the Nande Boyz paint in this song, portraying that ideal man that every woman yearns to find on earth.

Although they started out small,  Nande Boyz are fast becoming  part of the upper echelon on the Ugandan entertainment scene and will soon become dominant figures in the country’s music industry, if they continue dropping captivating jams like they are doing.

However, as we wait for ‘Loyal’ to be released, you can tap  the link to stream ‘Filter’ on YouTube, so as to have a real feel of Nande Boyz music.

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