Uganda based Congolese singing duo Nande Boyz have caused severe unrest among their fans ever since they revealed that they are soon dropping a video for their fresh joint dubbed ‘Loyal’.

Nande Boyz released the ‘Loyal’ audio  a few weeks back and since then the song has been gaining momentum by attracting thousands of streams on YouTube and digital platforms ever since it dropped.

So, after observing that fans had treated the audio to a massive reception, Nande Boyz decided to shoot the video for the song and now they are waiting for the right moment to premiere it on YouTube.

However, thousands of fans who have already sampled ‘Loyal’ audio contend that they can’t wait for the video to drop, because based on the legacy set by Nande Boyz on the music scene, the video is by all means expected to be a masterpiece.

 Through this song, Nande Boyz are out to let the world know that being ‘Loyal’ in a relationship is the only way to enjoy true and pure love, because only then can the partners build utmost trust for each other.

Nande Boyz send out a message to their fans that love is absolute loyalty and that although beauty can fade with age, loyalty never does; instead it grows stronger and creates a deeper bond between the two partners as time goes by.

Since Nande Boyz are set to drop the ‘Loyal’ video in a few days from now, all we got to do now is to patiently wait for its premiere, although in the meantime we can go stream the audio on YouTube by tapping the link above.

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