Popular Ugandan TV station NBS TV is set to host Kenyan musicians Teslah and Unspoken Salaton for an exclusive interview on Friday, September 8th, 2023, during the NBS After 5 show.

The NBS After 5 show, which is hosted by MC Kats, Douglas Lwanga, DJ Mercy Pro and DJ Roja, is a programme that focuses on music from Uganda and around East Africa.

It should be noted that Teslah, Unspoken Salaton and Thee Exit Band, all under Black Market Records, are currently in Uganda on a short holiday, during which they are to be officially unveiled on the Ugandan music scene.

During the interview on NBS TV, Teslah will unleash for viewers her new, electrifying music video dubbed ‘Hubby’ ft. Ndovu Kuu, which premiered today on YouTube.

On the other hand, Unspoken Salaton will sample the viewers with his latest studio project dubbed ‘Katika.’

Be sure to catch up with Teslah and Unspoken Salaton as they unveil their music for Ugandans but don’t forget to tap the link above to stream the ‘Hubby’ on YouTube.

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