Neliah’s music star continues to shine every day that dawns and the latest good thing to happen to this talented diva is that she has since made it to the coveted Mdundo Afro Fix Exclusive Mix.

With this great milestone, Neliah’s fans can now access and listen to or download all her music, so that that they can enjoy her songs at their convenience, whenever and wherever they feel like.

Neliah’s songs on the Mdundo Afro Fix Exclusive Mix include:

  1. Neliah-Crush-
  2. Neliah-Empress-Talk-
  3. Neliah-Free-Featuring-Daddy-Andre-
  4. Neliah-Oweewange-
  5. Neliah-Different-

Having her music featured on this exclusive Mdundo Mix means one thing; that Neliah is attracting international recognition and very soon she will find herself commanding a global fan base.

This accomplishment comes at a time when Neliah is still rocking fans with her latest music video ‘Different’,  which is not only characterizing the Ugandan party scene but also posting thousands of YouTube views.

So far, the video boasts of over 72K YouTube views and the numbers keep growing each day, meaning that soon it will be in the hundreds of thousands.

Click the links to stream all Neliah’s songs on Mdundo but remember that the ‘Different’ video is also available on YouTube.

Story By Isaac Tugume & Dj Dan Starboy

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