Johnny Benzx, a Nigerian musician, and Emilian Starz, a Ugandan female songbird, staged a very energetic performance at Nyungu Yamawe Forest Park last weekend, during the Ndeku & Nyama Choma Festival.

Although each of them started by performing solo, Emilian Starz and Johnny Benzx drove the crowd wild when they stepped on stage to perform their sizzling collabo dubbed ‘Go Down’, which is a real waist-bender.

Actually, by the time Johnny Benzx and Emilian Starz left the stage, the crowd was still yearning to see and hear more from them, although they had to leave the stage for other artists to perform.

It should be noted that Emilian Starz and Johnny Benzx turned out to be a perfect combination when they teamed up to work on ‘Go Down’, a dancehall jam that is yet to be officially released via Black Market Records.

Johnny Benzx is a talented Nigerian musician who was recently unveiled by Black Market Records and is currently in studio working on new music projects that will be released in Uganda soon.

Anyways, if you missed being a part of the Ndeku & Nyama Choma festival at Nyungu Yamawe Forest Park, just tap the link above to stream the video of Emilian Starz and Johnny Benzx performing!

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