As we head for the weekend, it is obvious that everyone will want music that can really turn up the vibe be it at home or at your favourite hangout; well, Nina Roz and Daddy Andre got you covered with their hot jam dubbed ‘Fertilizer’!  

With sensational beats and a vivacious rhythm, ‘Fertilizer’ has been described by many as a studio project that vividly showcases Nina Roz and Daddy Andre’s mastery of the Ugandan music game.

Being a song that sweeps everybody who listens to it off their feet, ‘Fertilizer’ is making quite a buzz on the music scene, not only in Uganda but also across East Africa.

With ‘Fertilizer’, Daddy Andre and Nina Roz once again charm hundreds of thousands of their fans with their irresistible chemistry, thereby proving to everyone without reasonable doubt that they’re here to stay, and dominate the music industry.

Nina Roz and Daddy Andre’s musical might is already being exhibited by the response that the public has accorded  to ‘Fertilizer’ since its release, whereby the song has garnered over 361K views within the first few weeks of its release, which is commendable progress.

Go stream the video on YouTube by clicking the link above.

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