Very few people in life can attain the level of emotional confidence and maturity that Ugandan artists Daddy Andre and Nina Roz convey in their latest jam dubbed ‘Fertilizer’, which is a stunning thriller.

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz have throughout their music career been renowned for their boundary-pushing music and with ‘Fertilizer’ they just add icing to the cake!

Trending on YouTube for two weeks straight since its release, ‘Fertilizer’, which has garnered over 316K views and still counting, is a song that shall forever remain unforgettable for most Ugandan music enthusiasts.

A song that borders on being both a romantic and party tune, ‘Fertilizer’ vividly makes it clear that for Daddy Andre and Nina Roz, music has always been and will always be a reflection of their never-ending journey of love, self-discovery, identity, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Through ‘Fertilizer’ Daddy Andre and Nina Roz are intent on not just thrilling their fans with a dope song, but also reminding them that they should never allow their emotions to control them, no matter the situation they are facing.

Make it a point to stream ‘Fertilizer’ on YouTube by clicking the link above, especially if you missed catching the jam on TV, because it is also doing rounds on various TV stations across East Africa!

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