Famous Ugandan musician Nina Roz over the weekend officially debuted her sizzling collabo with Daddy Andre dubbed ‘Fertilizer’ on Radio4, one of the most popular FM radio stations in the country.

Appearing as guest artist during the Weekend Party Show, hosted by Ronnie Simple, Nina Roz sparked a frenzy in the Radio4 studios as she unveiled ‘Fertilizer’ to the general public with a live performance.

A true master of her musical craft, Nina Roz thrilled Radio4 listeners by giving them not only  dose of   ‘Fertilizer’ but also some of her other big hits like ‘Andele’, ‘Billboard Kipande’,   ‘Kyoyoyo’, ‘Anayinama’, to  mention but a few.

Currently trending at No#09 on YouTube with over 279K views and still counting,  ‘Fertilizer’ is the latest happening on the Ugandan music scene, which is making everyone, both old and young, vibe to it.

With ‘Fetilizer’ Nina Roz not only makes it known world over that she is just committed to her craft, but also wants everyone to know that through her powerful lyrics and striking visuals, she celebrates individuality and challenges societal norms.

She exhibits fearlessness in expressing her true self and in so doing encourages others to do the same, which makes her a role model for the whole world.

Make sure you click the link above to stream ‘Fertilizer’ on YouTube!

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