The one and only Ugandan property Nina Roz on Wednesday evening officially unveiled her collabo with Daddy Andre dubbed ‘Fertilizer’ on NTV!

Nina Roz, who had been hosted for an exclusive interview on NTV The Beat, wowed viewers as she took them through how she and Daddy Andre hatched the idea of doing ‘Fertilizer’, which is currently the N0.#01 song in Kampala.     

Besides unveiling ‘Fertilizer’ however, Nina Roz, who was hosted by NTV presenters Lynda Ddane and Dagy Nice, also shared with viewers all about her music journey, sharing the ups and downs she has encountered as a female Uganda musician.

‘Fertilizer’, which is in rotation on various TV stations across East Africa, is now one of the few songs characterizing the party scene across the region,  because it is playing almost everywhere.

Now trending on YouTube at No.#10, with over 235K views after 8 days of its release, ‘Fertilizer’ is becoming uncontrollable, because it is spreading at a sporadic speed.

 Showcasing Daddy Andre and Nina Roz’s musical might, ‘Fertilizer’ is a song that has already sent shockwaves through the Ugandan Afro-pop community, leaving fans and critics alike in awe of its emotional depth and raw honesty.

By the way, don’t worry if you missed the Nina Roz interview on NTV, because you can still stream ‘Fertilizer’ on YouTube by caressing the link above. 

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