Celebrated Ugandan musician Nina Roz on Friday morning officially unveiled her sizzling collabo with Daddy Andre dubbed ‘Fertilizer’, on popular Kampala FM station NRG Radio.

Nina Roz, who had been hosted as guest artist for the NRG Breakfast Club show, gave listeners and the presenters more than they had actually bargained for!

The moment Nina Roz stepped in the studio, phones started ringing endlessly as hundreds of her fans called in one after another, requesting her to perform ‘Fertilizer’ and some of her other famous hits.

Well, as expected, Nina Roz didn’t disappoint her fans; she sampled them with a dose of ‘Fertilizer’ and a number of her other popular jams like ‘Andele’, ‘Billboard Kipande’, ‘Geza Bugeza’, among others.

During the show Nina Roz also got a chance to interact with the presenters and share with them all about her music journey.

It should be noted that ‘Fertilizer’, which has been trending on YouTube for two weeks now, with over 330K YouTube views and counting, has kept Nina Roz in the limelight ever since the song debuted in Uganda.

However, ‘Fertilizer’ is not only dominating the party scene in Uganda, because the song has also been embraced in other countries around East Africa like Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where it is being accorded massive airplay.   

If you didn’t catch up with Nina Roz on NRG Radio there is no need to worry, because we have brought you highlights from the interview.

But besides that, you can click the link above to stream ‘Fertilizer’ on YouTube.

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