‘Muni DM’, a pulsating banger by Ochungulo Family, is literary blowing off roofs everywhere it gets played, because it is just too explosive!

With ‘Muni DM’, Ochungulo Family got the whole of East Africa hooked to their vibe, because it is a song that thousands of fans are getting hooked to every day.

Thanks to creativity that is straight to the core, Ochungulo Family put on the market a studio project which makes it known to the world that they beat all the competition by far.

Actually, Ochungulo Family unleashed a unique style on the Gengetone scene which has seen them attract the attention of thousands of fans and grow their fan base three times bigger than it was a few years ago.

The ‘Muni DM’ video, which has attracted over 50K YouTube views and still counting, is testimony that Ochungulo Family are indeed a big deal in the Kenyan music industry and have proved their worth.

The video is so epic that everyone who watches it ends up subconsciously hitting the replay button, because Ochungulo Family really nailed it on this one, reason why many people are streaming it daily, because it brings about a new flavour to Gengetone.

Go stream ‘Muni DM’ on YouTube by tapping the link above and  you will thank us later!

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