AGS Remedy, an illustrious Ghanaian artist, has literary taken social media app Tik Tok by storm with his earth-shattering new single dubbed ‘Oheema’, an African word that means queen or empress.

Currently, ‘Ohemaa’ is one of the songs doing rounds on Tik Tok in Ghana, because thousands of fans are making it known to everyone that they just can’t get enough of this jam.

The fans have already proved this by flooding Tik Tok with hundreds of dance challenge videos for the song, which definitely highlights their endless obsession with ‘Ohemaa’.

By the way, the attention accorded ‘Ohemaa’ by fans not only ends on Tik Tok but is also reflecting on YouTube, where over 23K people have so far streamed the video within the first week of its release, which is commendable progress for the studio project.

Whether  you  like it or not, ‘Ohemaa’ is a blockbuster that AGS Remedy dropped on the African music landscape, because everyone who listens to this song can’t help being moved by his melodious glorification of African women!

Without further ado therefore, we invite you to take this moment to stream the ‘Ohemaa’ on YouTube by clicking the link above.

However, you can also check out the various Tik Tok challenges for the song that are being shared by fans from all over the world by clicking any of the links provided.

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