When Ugandan diva Emilian Starz was working on her debut album dubbed ‘Osobola’, little did she know that it would turn out to be a real masterpiece.

But the album, which propelled Emilian Starz onto the Ugandan entertainment scene as a formidable artist, is currently her biggest studio project and a real show of her great music muscle.

A compilation of 7 thrilling ballads, ‘Osobola’ is manifestation of endless passion and a testament to Emilian Starz’s artistry, plus her ability to sync with  fans on a personal level

The enchanting songs on the album that have since caught the attention of many Ugandans include; Toola’ ft. Angella Katatumba, ‘Osobola’, ‘Mulamba’, ‘My Session’, ‘Nkulowoza’ and ‘Nze Nawe’.

The emotive energy that Emilian Starz exudes as she performs the songs on this album is testament to the profound effect that her music has on people’s lives, especially because it is all about love.

Besides the emotion-stirring performance however, her sweet, charming vocals alone entice anyone who hears Emilian Starz singing to pause a bit, and pay attention to this magnificent songbird.

If you haven’t streamed the album yet, we wonder what you are waiting for, because you can enjoy all the jams on it by clicking the link to stream it on YouTube.

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