Kick off your weekend by streaming ‘Party’, a bombastic jam by Ugandan artist Legion East featuring Rako Gynius, which is now available on YouTube.

‘Party’, which is an amazing dancehall tune, is the latest blessing on the Ugandan social scene, giving people everywhere every reason to go partying.

Performed with catchy melodies, energetic beats and relatable lyrics, ‘Party’ is the perfect street anthem that has all indications of resonating with listeners from all walks of life.

Thanks to their outstanding musical talent, Legion East and Rako Gynius effortlessly blend their soulful voices on this collabo, weaving together intricate harmonies that add richness and exhilaration to the jam.

It becomes obvious as they perform this song that Legion East and Rako Gynius aim at making the listeners connect with the authenticity and excitement that they stir up with this song.

With ‘Party’, no one can doubt the fact that these two are set to rock Ugandan partiers for a long time to come, because this is a song for all occasions, especially where there is merrymaking involved.

You can click the link to stream ‘Party’ on YouTube but remember that this epic jam is also available on all digital platforms, so there is no excuse for you not to check it out!

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