Gengetone stars Exray Taniua and Mejja’s latest collabo dubbed ‘Pesa Ndogo’  is going viral around the world and after thrilling East Africa, the jam is now rocking fans in the  United States of America.

This development comes after a video of a U.S army officer vibing to ‘Pesa Ndogo’ surfaced on Tik Tok this week and has since been circulating widely on various social media platforms.

In the said video, a U.S army officer is seen in his car happily rocking to ‘Pesa Ndogo’ as he sings along to the song, as if he wants the world to know how thrilled he is by this jam.

Well, this doesn’t come as a surprise to many Gengetone enthusiasts, because no one listens to ‘Pesa Ndogo’ and remains unmoved.

Meanwhile, as ‘Pesa Ndogo’ expands its reach from Africa to America and other parts of the world, the video is also performing well on YouTube, whereby it has already clocked over 774K views and still counting, within the first month of its release.       

You will  agree with us if you’re indeed a real Gengetone enthusiast that ‘Pesa Ndogo’ is a blockbuster jam that is bound to dominate the Kenyan entertainment scene for a long time  to come and if you don’t believe this, just tap the link above to stream the video.

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