If you are a true Gengetone fanatic then you will agree with us that ‘Pesa Ndogo’, a hot collabo by Exray Taniua and Mejja, is a true definition of this revolutionary genre.

‘Pesa Ndogo’, a song that appeals to multitudes of people regardless of their social strata, religion or cultural background, is now on almost everyone’s lips; from the ghettos to the high-end neighbourhoods in Kenya, the track got everyone talking.

The song has become so popular during the few weeks it’s been out, to the extent that it’s nowadays becoming a street slogan for several Kenyans, because it attempts to depict the economic situation in the country.

Because of the popularity that ‘Pesa Ndogo’ is garnering daily, the video continues to attract streaming from fans everywhere and as you read this, it has already attracted over 938K YouTube views, meaning that it will hit 1M in just a few days.

This progression from zero views to now over 900K points to one thing; that ‘Pesa Ndogo’ is pure gold on the Gengetone scene and that more fans are bound to get hooked to it, because it’s a song that most people, especially the middle class, easily relate with.

By the way, did you know that you can stream the video on YouTube by simply clicking the link above?

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