Exray Taniua and Mejja have put the Gengetone scene on tenterhooks with their latest offering titled ‘Pesa Ndogo’, which is now trending at No.#08 on YouTube, moving up in ranks from the 10th position.

With over 166K YouTube views and still counting, ‘Pesa Ndogo’, which dropped five days ago, is now one of the resounding club bangers in Kenya that have got everyone talking.

An all-time song, ‘Pesa Ndogo’ is raising eyebrows all over East Africa, especially because the artists not only entertain but also attempt to highlight the dire economic situation in their country, which almost everyone identifies with.

Meanwhile, whereas the video was well-received by Gengetone enthusiasts on YouTube, it should be noted that ‘Pesa Ndogo’ is also now available for streaming as an audio Mdundo, a digital platform.

 Although over the years Exray has worked with some of the already established Kenyan musicians, this collabo with Mejja, who is also a kingpin in the game, is just off the hook!

Being such a mega hit, ‘Pesa Ndogo’  is not just trending on YouTube and available on digital platforms but also booming everywhere in Kenya; from nightclubs to bars and on the streets, while other fans prefer to enjoy the jam in the comfort of their homes.

Remember, you too can stream the video on YouTube by clicking the link above; so what are you waiting for?

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