‘Bad Girl’, a sizzling Gengetone banger by Swat Matire featuring Fathermoh and Shekina Karen, has since been unveiled by popular Kenyan TV station PPP TV.

PPP TV officially unveiled ‘Bad Girl’ on Thursday this week and what’s even more interesting is that the station featured it as the Song of the Day!

This only means one thing; that millions of PPP TV viewers have since gotten hooked to the ‘Bad Girl’ vibe and because of that, they keep requesting for the video to be played by the station.

However, it is important to note that besides being massively played on PPP TV, ‘Bad Girl’ is also being accorded airplay on several other TV stations across East Africa and attracting a huge following on YouTube for Swat Matire.

For instance, ‘Bad Girl’ is sending tongues wagging throughout the Gengetone realm after the video clinched over 209K YouTube views within the first six days!

Perhaps this  wouldn’t have been an easy fit for Swat Matire if he hadn’t teamed up with Fathermoh and Shekina Karen on this project;  but what is clear is that ‘Bad Girl’ has since turned into a monster hit!

If you missed watching the video on PPP TV, just click the link above to stream ‘Bad Girl’ on YouTube.

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