Not every music is food for the soul like they say, because people have varying tastes and preferences when it comes to the music they listen to.

However, if by any luck you manage to chance upon Rako Gynius’ new album dubbed ‘Namunigina’, then you will experience what’s called Serene Music!

So soothing and enchanting, Rako Gynius unveils a list of very hypnotizing songs on this album which include; ‘Namunigina’, ‘Batulamuza’, ‘Ah Naye’ ft. Mugisha Frank, ‘Kamulegeya’, ‘Baabuwe’ ft. Neliah and ‘Traditional Kekon’, which are all masterpieces.

All these exceptional songs on the album have a way they resonate well with his audience, especially because they stem from popular Ugandan folklore.

Actually, the songs on the ‘Namunigina’ album are not only classics but also timeless hits that shall remain relevant for decades to come, weaving their melodious magic across generations, thanks to Rako Gynius’ creativity.

With this album, Rako Gynius offers his audience an enchanting reflection of Uganda’s rich cultural heritage, seamlessly blending traditional sounds with modern beats.

If you haven’t streamed ‘Namunigina’ yet, do not fret; just tap the link to go experience the entire album on YouTube now.

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