Multi-talented Ugandan artists Rako Gynius and Neliah have released a very sensational new love melody dubbed ‘Baabuwe’, now out on YouTube and digital platforms.

This emotion-stirring ballad, which is melting hearts and souls everywhere with passion, is taken off the album ‘Namunigina’ by Rako Gynius.

Filled with compassion, deep feelings and the intense yearning of lovers who are distant, ‘Baabuwe’ is a rollercoaster of sweet emotions.

Rako Gynius and Neliah made the perfect combination on this one, because the way their vocals blend so well with instruments on this tune is almost magical.

The passionate feelings aroused by Neliah as she performs this melody are ideal for a romantic getaway for two.

‘Baabuwe’ is a very smoothly told love story that mirrors the life that several people go through, especially those in distant relationships.

The song inspires the courage to keep the fire burning in a relationship even when your loved one is not exactly with you, which is a litmus test for true love.

Besides ‘Baabuwe’ however, Rako Gynius’ album also offers his audience a number of other soothing songs like’ ‘Namunigina’,  ‘Batulamuza’, ‘Kamulegeya’ and ‘Traditional Kekon’.

Stream ‘Baabuwe’ or the entire album on YouTube by clicking the link above.

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