Even at 46, Ruth Kalibbala Bwanika looks quite stunning, fresh, younger, and in sync with the trending fashion trends, something that has left several netizens confused.

Born on 9th September 1977, renowned media personality, actress, and YouTuber Ruth Kalibbala Bwanika is never running out of style.

On Friday, she shared stunning photos of herself dressed in a short purple dress revealing her thighs and a hip bomber jacket.

The comments on her different social media platforms are a showcase of super admiration from both men and women.

“But how old is she? How has she managed to stay this fresh for this long? Is she single?” and so many other questions keep popping up wherever the photos are being shared.

Well, for a fact, she is not single…and not so young. We, however, agree that she is a beauty to marvel and her skincare routine must be investigated.

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