‘Kaskie Vibaya’, a chartbuster song by Fathermoh and Sylvia Ssaru, which has over 7.8M YouTube views, has since crossed the Kenyan borders over to Rwanda.

We have established that ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ is one of the Kenyan songs that have attracted the attention of TV stations in Rwanda, after TV owners realising that the jam commands a huge following on YouTube.

Although there are several stations playing the video, ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ is dominating airplay on BPlus TV, which is giving the two Kenyan artists exposure in Rwanda and enabling them to extend their fan base there.

This doesn’t come by mistake or sheer luck however, because ‘Kaskie Vibaya’, which is a song that focuses on young men competing with elderly men for young girls,  also plays in other countries around the world besides Rwanda.

This is mainly because the issue that Fathermoh raises in this song concerns men everywhere on earth, especially since the competition between young and elderly men for girls has become more prevalent in this generation than before.

Anyways, if you missed watching ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ on BPlus TV there is no need to worry, because you can stream the song on YouTube from any country in the world by clicking the link above.

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