Kenyan artist Swat Matire has evolved from just being an entertainer to becoming one of the biggest Gengetone artists in East Africa, thanks to his pulsating banger dubbed ‘Bad Girl’, which features Fathermoh and Shekina Karen.

Through this song, which is already trending on YouTube and has since gone viral on Tik Tok, Swat Matire invites his audience to strive for personal and societal growth through having stable, meaningful relationships.

He makes sure that as listeners embark on this musical journey, they will not only be entertained but also undoubtedly moved by his very touching message, thanks to his remarkable, storytelling artistry.

Through ‘Bad Girl’ Swat Matire positions himself as a mature, visionary artist, whose music  aims at sparking thought, inspiring change, and resonating deeply with listeners, reason why he hinges the song on  a real-life situation;   which is love gone bad due to a cheating woman.

The lyrics in ‘Bad Girl’ delve deep into the issues revolving around human relationships like unfaithfulness, betrayal and lies, which if avoided can result in personal growth and making a positive impact in society. 

No wonder the video is not only trending on music charts but has so far harvested over 273K YouTube views and still counting, yet this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Let’s go stream ‘Bad Girl’ on YouTube; just tap the link above!

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