To all fans of Kenyan artists Swat Matire and Shekina Karen; this is good, if not the best news for you so far this week!

Swat Matire and Shekina Karen are slated to perform their hot collabo with Fathermoh dubbed ‘Bad Girl’ live on Citizen TV, this Friday July 27th, 2023.

The two are scheduled to be hosted on Citizen TV’s Festi-Vault Show starting at 10:00Pm, during which they are expected to thrill viewers with a live performance of ‘Bad Girl’.

Ever since they released ‘Bad Girl’, which has so far attracted over 525K YouTube views and still counting, Swat Mare and Shekina Karen have been sending tremors throughout the Kenyan music industry.

This is because ‘Bad Girl’ is a track that has become so infectious over a very short time after making everyone want to have a piece of it, because it speaks to almost everyone.

Shekina Karen blended so perfectly well with Fathermoh and Swat Matire on this tune to the extent that everyone one who encounters it wants to listen to it over and over again.

Guys, make it a point to tune in to Citizen TV tomorrow night so that you don’t miss Shekina Karen and Swat Matire as they do their thing,  but as we wait for the show, you can still stream ‘Bad Girl’  on YouTube by clicking the link above!

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