Team Veterans is rocking the Gengetone scene with their latest single dubbed ‘Senke’, which is one of the heart-pounding bangers thrilling the Kenyan party scene of late.

‘Senke’ is a very electric party song that gets everyone dancing every time it is played, be it in a nightclub, bar or at home, because Team Veterans perform it with a vibe that makes it so lit!

The ‘Senke’ video, which has attracted over 29K YouTube views and still counting, is evidence that Team Veterans put so much effort in their music projects and always strive to produce music that speaks directly to their fans.

Team Veterans stormed the Gengetone scene with a unique and very captivating style, which has over time placed them in the right spotlight in as far as the Kenyan music industry is concerned.

Having mastered their craft during the time they have been around the music scene, it is not surprising that the singing duo can drop a mind-blowing tune like ‘Senke’, which everyone ought to experience.

Don’t hesitate to tap the link above to stream ‘Senke’ on  YouTube, if you want to see the whole picture about Team Veterans clearer!

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