Kenyan vocal goddess Tslah delivered the ultimate love manual for all couples around the world through her latest single titled ‘Hubby’, which features Ndovu Kuu.

Actually, ‘Hubby’, which is available on YouTube, is more than just a song; it’s a real catalyst for meaningful relationships, and a testament to the immense power of true love and its ability to touch souls.

Through this epic ballad, Teslah goes out of  hand to school young girls all over the world on how a wife should treat  her husband, by  equipping them with the dos and don’ts of a loving, caring wife.

A must-listen for every woman in a relationship or who plans to start one, ‘Hubby’ is a song through which Teslah  artistically offers vital advice for couples.

The passion, love and care she publicly declares for her man is so mind-blowing and would make any sensible dude pray for a wife like her.     

She makes it known to everyone that every man on earth deserves a wife like her and if you don’t believe it, then tap the link above to stream the song on YouTube, so that you can decipher her message firsthand!

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