All lovers around the world, this is a special message for you; Kenyan artists Teslah and Ndovu Kuu have a passionate surprise for you in their new duet dubbed ‘Hubby’.

Dropping on all digital platforms this Wednesday, ‘Hubby’ is a track that is bound to cause intense audiogasms for everyone who listens to it.

In this song, which is likely to become an instant masterpiece, Teslah makes it known to her hubby that she is totally his and even ready to give him kids that will call him daddy.

She portrays a loving and caring young woman who is ready to settle down with one man, which is a very important image for all women in society; this alone will play to the song’s acceptability amongst parents.

Actually, with ‘Hubby’, Teslah goes beyond just entertaining by sending out a message to all slay queens all over the world that after all is done and said, they need to find a hubby to settle down and start up a family with.

‘Hubby’ is such a charming song so much so that it went viral on Tik Tok even before Teslah officially released it and it is obvious that several Kenyans will embrace it wholeheartedly when it premieres.

Click the link to check out the Tik Tok promo challenge for ‘Hubby’ on YouTube but make sure to stream the song when it debuts on digital platforms a few hours from now.

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