If you didn’t believe that true love exists and you had lost all hopes of ever finding that person who genuinely loves you, then you ought to check out ‘Hubby’, a fresh jam by Teslah featuring Ndovu Kuu.

This is because ‘Hubby’ is a song through which Teslah endeavours to let the world know that true love exists, no matter how many disappointments a person goes through until they find it.

She also reminds all couples everywhere in the world that the best happiness in a relationship comes when a wife accepts to unconditionally love her hubby forever, and to fulfill her chores as the wife at home.

In other words, through this song, Teslah attempts to paint a picture of the perfect wife every man would like to have at his home.

She sends out a clear message to all women to love, appreciate and respect their husbands if they are to enjoy  harmony as a couple, something that mirrors the African family setting.  

No wonder ‘Hubby’ is being massively streamed on YouTube, because it is a song that carries a lot of meaning for everyone in a relationship, especially for wives.

Wait no more; just click the link to check out ‘Hubby’ on YouTube!

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