Eddy Kenzo believes the music industry can survive without the influence of politicians and urges musicians to separate politics from music.

Since the last presidential campaigns, there has been an increasingly active influence of politics in the entertainment industry.

Away from musicians taking over strong positions of leadership in the parliament, politicians have also found it necessary to tap into the entertainment industry to strengthen their influence in society.

In the long run, despite a few achievements reached by some entertainers, the involvement of politics in the entertainment industry has been regarded as a curse by a few key players.

One of Uganda’s biggest music exports Eddy Kenzo believes the industry is better off without the influence of politics.

While speaking at the late Kato Lubwama’s vigil, the Big Talent Entertainment singer said that musicians who mix music and politics are doing a disservice to the industry.

He then urged musicians to be careful not to be used by opportunistic politicians for their own personal interests because it harms their careers in the long run.

“We can work with politicians but they should stop trying to influence their interests in the industry,” he said.

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