Popular social media App Tik Tok is literary on fire with ‘For Real’, a fresh, sweet ballad by Kenyan singing trio Thee Exit Band, which debuted on YouTube and digital platforms recently.

‘For Real’ is currently one of the Kenyan songs that are increasingly becoming widespread on Tik Tok, with hundreds of fans sharing dance challenge videos for the track daily.

With ‘For Real’, which is a charming love song, Thee Exit Band are melting the hearts of both the young and old, especially those who have had a chance at being in meaningful relationships.

In this song, Thee Exit Band take fans on a journey of self-examination, calling upon them to check whether whatever their partners are giving them is for real or not.

This is a very vital message especially because most relationships today are characterized with fake love and because of this, Thee Exit Band contend that everyone whose relationship is ‘For Real’ ought to count themselves lucky.

Although Thee Exit Band didn’t expect it, their new single ‘For Real’ caught many of their fans unawares, especially after it turned out to be very infectious and addictive for everyone who listens to it.

Stream ‘For Real’ by Thee Exit Band on YouTube but don’t forget to enjoy some of the Tik Tok videos for the song that are flooding Tik Tok!  

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