The kings of love music in Kenya, call them Thee Exit Band, have dropped a lyric video for their latest single dubbed ‘For Real’, on YouTube!

The debut on YouTube follows the release of the audio on all digital platforms, where fans have been streaming the jam since then.

However, after realising that the song is gaining traction, Thee Exit Band have now decided to unveil  the lyric video on YouTube, so as to cater for their fans in every corner of the world.

 A very emotion-arousing love ballad, ‘For Real’ is a song that gets forever etched in the memories of those fortunate enough to experience.

The song takes a storyline of a man who had never experienced true, everlasting love, until he meets a woman who makes him have a real feel of it, so he wants to keep the love he has found forever, because it’s for real!

This song is a reminder of the enduring power of love, exhibiting its ability to touch souls and heal wounds all over the world.

Streaming ‘For Real’ is just a click away on the link above but remember, Thee Exit Band are soon dropping the visuals for this jam; so, stay alert!

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