The easiest way to find out whether a relationship is worthwhile or not is to determine the level of commitment for both lovers; that’s the only way you can know whether it’s real or not!

Well, Kenyan singing group Thee Exit Band makes this even easier for lovers through their fresh single titled ‘For Real’, which is available on YouTube and digital platforms.

A very soul-full melody that leaves absolutely no doubt about their exceptional musical potential, ‘For Real’ is a song that highlights Thee Exit Band’s lyrical maturity and the fact they have since mastered their musical craft.

Their ability to seamlessly blend captivating storytelling, introspection, and infectious rhythms makes ‘For Real’ very irresistible, especially because it is  a song that speaks to the heart.

The song is an everlasting testament to Thee Exit Band’s artistic vision, creativity, and commitment to making a lasting impression on the audience through their music.

Actually, to cut the long story short, ‘For Real’ is a song that has surpassed the expectations of many Kenyan music enthusiasts and because of this, many of them are streaming the ballad on YouTube.

You too can enjoy this electrifying jam from Thee Exit Band by tapping the link to stream it on YouTube.

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