Whereas blacksmiths melt iron with fire, Thee Exit Band, a Kenyan singing trio, are melting hearts across East Africa with their love ballad dubbed ‘For Real’.

‘For Real’, which Thee Exit Band officially premiered this week in Uganda on NTV, is fast-becoming a heartfelt love anthem for couples everywhere, because everyone in a relationship wants to be sure that what they have is ‘For Real’.

With ‘For Real’, Thee Exit Band literary decided to take matters of the heart in their hands, by attempting to portray for couples what true love means, reason why many people are embracing this track with open arms.

This is a song that arouses fires of passion in everyone who listens to what Thee Exit Band have to say as they perform it, because it gives couples a chance to reflect about the exact kind of relationship they have, to determine whether it’s ‘For Real’ or not!

Actually, if you are in a relationship, it is highly advisable that you hit the link above to stream ‘For Real’ on YouTube, because only then will you be able to find out whether your relationship is ‘For Real’ or a hoax!   

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