Kenyan group Thee Exit Band have unveiled the official music video for their latest single dubbed ‘For Real’, which premiered today on YouTube.

If you had taken long without encountering a very captivating piece of art that sweeps off your feet the first time you see it, then this video is definitely for someone like you, because it will leave you with lots of euphoria for your loved one.

This is because ‘For Real’ is a celebration of true, everlasting love, which almost everyone yearns for in life but only a few have been able to find it.

Through this song, Thee Exit Band wants the world to know that with patience, perseverance and mutual understanding, people can overcome all the trials and tribulations they face in a relationship, and live to enjoy their old days together as a loving couple.

Although they say there is no perfect relationship in the world, Thee Exit Band tend to dispute that in this song, by letting their fans know that there are actually relationships that are ‘For Real’.

Make sure to be among the first people to stream this video on YouTube by clicking the link above, but keep in mind that ‘For Real’ is soon airing on your favourite TV station any time soon, because this jam is just so unmissable!  

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